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SNSubjectType Of DocumentOrder No.Date
1Regarding Payment and Services of Job basis workers In Govt. HostelsnewanimNotification3620-6021 Dec 2020
2Provisional Seniority List of Junior Assistant, SJED as Per RSR 1999 & Rule 2017 as on 1.04.2020Notification3727129 Sep 2020
3Seniority list of Hostel Superintendent Grade - INotification3703025 Sep 2020
4Seniority list of District Probationary and Social Welfare OfficerNotification3716525 Sep 2020
5Letter Reg. Payment of Man with Machine Posted at BSSO Offices of SJEDNotification334718 Sep 2020
6Samaj Kalyan Week from 1-10-2020 to 7-10-2020Notification45598-63815 Sep 2020
7Rajasthan Beggars & Poor People Rehabilitation ACT (Revised) 2020Notification7414 Sep 2020
8Regarding Austerity in State ExpenditureNotification321307 Sep 2020
9Eligibility / Guidelines for the applicant for deputation in Pashupalak Boys Residential School Jaiteshwar Dham Bhal Khadi Sindhari ( Barmer)Notification859307 Sep 2020
10Expression of InterestNotification156924 Aug 2020
11Special Woman Teacher recruitment in Nari Niketan kotaNotification4048205 Aug 2020
12Seniority List of District Probationer & Social Welfare Officer(DPSWO) and Equivalent OfficerNotification3314916 Jul 2020
13Final Seniority List of Establishment Officer, Administrative Officers and Addl.Administrative OfficersNotification3266313 Jul 2020
14Final Seniority List of Assistant Administrative OfficersNotification3251113 Jul 2020
15Seniority List of Senior AssistantNotification3235913 Jul 2020
16Seniority List of Hostel superintendent Grade-1Notification3276713 Jul 2020
17Seniority List of PA, PS, STENONotification3271513 Jul 2020
18Regarding Rajkiya Swayam Vyavaharo/Payment Rectification and Amendment in Master Data of Employees Notification144201 Jul 2020
19Revised Seniority list of Appointed Officers on Post of Group-A-1, Group-A-2 and Group-A-3 According to Annexure-1Notification3152229 Jun 2020
20Press Release - Document Verification of Clerk Grade II on 29.06.2020Notification3104924 Jun 2020
21Amended Advertisement Regarding Online Admission in Hostels and Residential SchoolsNotification4618 Jun 2020
22Adding of Medical Colleges in Revised Anuprati Scheme Rule-2018Notification30706-71604 Jun 2020
23Notification Regarding Seniority list of Class IV Employees/(Rasoiya/Chowkidar)Notification2786803 Jun 2020
24In Order of Deputation of Women Special Teacher in Mahila Sadan Nari NiketanNotification2805911 May 2020
27Seniority List of Private Secretary/Addl.Private Secretary/Sr.Personal and Personal AssistantNotification2431424 Apr 2020
28Seniority List of Ad/JT.Director/DY.DirectorNotification2421024 Apr 2020
29Seniority List of Assistant Administrative OfficerNotification2442124 Apr 2020
30Seniority List of Assistant Administrative Officers and Addl.Administrative officersNotification2436624 Apr 2020
31Seniority List of Senior AssistantNotification2453224 Apr 2020
32Video Conferencing Regarding Corona Virus(Covid-19)Notification2454611 Apr 2020
33Expression of Interest for Rehabilitation of PoorsNotification1979718 Mar 2020
34Invitations of Proposals for State Level Prize Distribution on Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April 2020Notification1848113 Mar 2020
35Notification for Universities/Board/Council, Regarding Affiliation of Institutes for Scholarship PortalNotification9721-1008012 Feb 2020
36Regarding Departmental ExamNotification20306-3904 Feb 2020
37Regarding Sending Objection/No Objection Certificate by Checking the List Prepared According to the Educational Qualification of the Fourth Class Employees Working in the DepartmentNotification20181-23029 Jan 2020
38Last Date of Expression of Interest for Running Half-Way-Home Extend to 05-02-2020Notification1551329 Jan 2020
39Regarding VC on 18.12.2019 for Reviewing Departmental SchemesNotification7498216 Dec 2019
40Expression of InterestNotification1266610 Dec 2019
41Expression of InterestNotification7260509 Dec 2019
42Revised Guidelines and Application form With Extended for Members in RSPCRNotification16 Nov 2019
43Advertisement for JAIPUR CWC & JJB 2019Notification2713207 Nov 2019
44Application Form for JJB JAIPURNotification07 Nov 2019
45Application Form for CWC JAIPURNotification07 Nov 2019
46Guidelines for CWC JJB Applicants for JAIPURNotification07 Nov 2019
47Expression of Interest (Old Age Home)Notification6588507 Nov 2019
48Details of Educational Modification Vacancies in Residential Schools Run by RREISNotification30 Oct 2019
49 Online Application Form Invited for Lump Sum Incentive Assistance for Economically Backward Candidates of General CategoryNotification6365524 Oct 2019
50Application for the Rehabilitation of Residents of Mahila Sadan through MarriageNotification53123 Oct 2019
51Advertisement and Guideline Regarding Members of RSCPCRNotification16 Oct 2019
52Release Note for Vacant Posts in Government Residential Schools Powered by RREISNotification616514 Oct 2019
53List of Bhagat Sharawan Kumar Kalyan Seva Kendra(Day Care Center)Run by NGONotification01 Oct 2019
54List of Old Age Homes Run by NGO at District & Tehsil HeadquarterNotification01 Oct 2019
55Aided Old Age Homes Run Under Chirayu Scheme 2008Notification01 Oct 2019
56Old Age Homes Run by NGO at District and HeadquarterNotification01 Oct 2019
57List of Old Age Homes Run by State Government & NGO Under PPP ModeNotification01 Oct 2019
58Inspection Proforma For Residential SchoolNotification609124 Sep 2019
59Date Extend Order For Scholarship Portal-Academic Year 2019-20Notification5115630 Aug 2019
60Release Note for Extended Last Date for Submission of Application in Award Ceremony on Ambedkar JayantiNotification5059728 Aug 2019
61Departmental call center launched Toll free number 1800-180-6127 startedNotification26 Aug 2019
62Release note for extended last date for submission of application in award ceremony on Ambedkar JyanteeNotification4266717 Jul 2019
63Notification regarding seniority list of Class IVth employees (Rasoiya/Chowkidar)Notification638707 Jun 2019
64Group C Hostel Superintendent - Priority list of first posts date 1.4.2019Notification599331 May 2019
65Verification of Documents of Selected Candidates for the post of Hostel Superintendent Grade - IINotification620331 May 2019
66Online application process for admission in new academic session 2019-20 in state and aided hostels and residential schools starting from 20.05.2019.Notification3017015 May 2019
67The last seniority list of Rajasthan Social Welfare Enforcement Service Group-A-2 is 1.4.2019Notification435910 May 2019
68Status of Assistant Administrative Officer dated 1.4.2019 - Final Priority ListNotification320408 May 2019
69Status of the date of 1.4.2019 of senior assistant of the Ministry cadre service - final priority listNotification330701 May 2019
70Status of 1.4.2019 of Private Secretary, Senior Personal Assistant, Private Assistant and Quick Clerk - Final Rank ListNotification294601 May 2019
71Status of the date of 1.4.2019 of the installation officer, administrative officer and additional administrative officer - final priority listNotification310101 May 2019
72Prioritization status of the employees of Social Welfare Inspection Service Group-C (Hostel Superintendent - First) dated 1.4.2019Notification201925 Apr 2019
73List of State Service Officers Date 1.4.2019Notification234725 Apr 2019
74Priority list of 1st April, 2019 of Rajasthan Social Welfare Subordinate Service Group A-2 District Probation and Social Welfare Officer and equivalentNotification4712 Apr 2019
75List of Officers of Subordinate Service Group B (Probation and Prison Welfare Officer and equivalent) on 1st April, 2019 Notification17612 Apr 2019
76Status of Assistant Administrative Officers on 1.4.2019Notification12205 Apr 2019
77Status of personnel of Ministry cadre 1.4.2019Notification11905 Apr 2019
78personal secretary/   Senior Personal Assistant /   Personal assistant and quick clerk Priority list date 1.4.2019Notification1505 Apr 2019
79Status of Senior Assistant to the Ministerial Cadre Service as on 1.4.2019Notification32505 Apr 2019
80Status of Junior Assistant of Ministry cadre 1.4.2019Notification62805 Apr 2019
81Additional Director and equivalents, Joint Director and counterpart, Deputy Director and counterpart, Assistant Director and equal, seniority tentative list of regularly appointed officials on post daNotification11621804 Apr 2019
82Nomination for Chairman & Members of CWC and JJBNotification3677408 Mar 2019
83Social audit and simplification of social security schemesNotification726814 Feb 2019
84Advertisement regarding Member in District Juvinile Justice BoardNotification3019130 Jan 2019
85Advertisement regarding District Child Welfare CommitteeNotification3035730 Jan 2019
86Contact List of District Officers Posted at SJED District HQNotification23 Jan 2019
87List of SJED Officers Posted at District HQNotification23 Jan 2019
88Advertisement for Walk in Interview RREISNotification309021 Jan 2019
89Proceeding of Pre bid meetingNotification7028714 Sep 2018
90Income certificate on Anuprati schemeNotification12 Sep 2018
91Revised last date for pending applications for academic year 2016-17Notification7359510 Sep 2018
92Corrigendum regarding Tender for Purchase of Computers and MFPNotification6755930 Aug 2018
93Corrigendum of tender called by Residential School, Mandor, JodhpurNotification21 Aug 2018
94Extension of Last date for Bid for ComputerNotification6465321 Aug 2018
95Advertising of residential schoolsNotification168509 Aug 2018
96Seniority list of junior assistant (clerk II) date of 1.4.2018Notification10744620 Jul 2018
97Booklet regarding Departmental SchemesNotification18 Jul 2018
98Guideline regarding Scholarship of Minority Category students in OBC cast for academic year 2017-18Notification1099-113316 Jul 2018
99Nomination of member in OBC CommissionNotification5342409 Jul 2018
100Rule in compliance with the notification order number 101/2018. In the official list of the State Other Backward Classes, the "Jat Sikh" caste is included in front of Jat class on serial no. 54.Notification5073930 Jun 2018
101List of personnel selected by the interview board for vacant positions in residential schools. (Personnel-36)Notification100625 Jun 2018
102 List of personnel selected by the interview board for vacant positions in residential schools. (Principal-5 and Personnel -36)Notification99825 Jun 2018
103Vehicle rental contract informationNotification54804 Jun 2018
104Applications invited for filling vacant posts by Deputation of Project Manager by SC ST CorpNotification262928 May 2018
105Releases to nominate a member of the Juvenile Justice BoardNotification644024 May 2018
106Publication for the nomination of District Child Welfare Committee membersNotification632724 May 2018
107Format of application form for nomination of juvenile justice board memberNotification24 May 2018
108Format of Application Form for President / Member of Child Welfare CommitteeNotification24 May 2018
109Regularly appointed employees on posts of senior assistant Last Priority List ofNotification861824 May 2018
110Group A-2 District Probation and Social Welfare Officer And the final list of officers appointed on equivalent positionsNotification853924 May 2018
111Employees appointed on the posts of Assistant Administrative Officer Last Priority List ofNotification872824 May 2018
112Installation officer, administrative officer And the final list of the staff appointed on the posts of Additional Administrative OfficerNotification913724 May 2018
113Private secretary, senior personal assistant, personal assistant And the soon-to-be clerk appointed officer / Employee's last roster listNotification916924 May 2018
114Group C hostel superintendent - Final priority list of employees appointed on 1 postsNotification891524 May 2018
115Advertising of residential schoolsNotification51621 May 2018
116Temporary priority list of officers of Joint Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director and equivalent postsNotification751217 May 2018
117Temporary priority list of officers of probation and prison welfare officer / social security officer and equivalent postsNotification771717 May 2018
118Marriage Proposal Form of Marriage Proposal (Hindu)Notification3513 Apr 2018
119Seniority list of administrative officials depicting the date 1 April 2018Notification189911 Apr 2018
120Seniority list showing personal secretary, personal assistant, etc. reflecting the date 1 April 2018Notification184311 Apr 2018
121Seniority list of assistant administrative officials depicting the date 1 April 2018Notification169211 Apr 2018
122Seniority list reflecting the status of date 1 April 2018Notification192811 Apr 2018
123Seniority list of hostel superintendent showing date of 1st April 2018Notification204811 Apr 2018
124Group A-2 District Probation and Social Welfare Officer and equivalent Priority List of Rajasthan Social Welfare Subordinate Services Rules, 1963 dated 01.04.2018Notification3047610 Apr 2018
125Building reforms campaign for proper maintenance of departmental state buildingsNotification29876-3008509 Apr 2018
126Seniority list of departmental officials on 1st April, 2018Notification54504 Apr 2018
127Income Certificate format for Academic year 2017-18Notification23 Mar 2018
128Supply Order of MTC (Motorised Tri-cycle)Notification2315520 Mar 2018
129Releases for the award on Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar JayantiNotification1562712 Mar 2018
130Press Note for Document verification of Newly appointed Clerk Grade IINotification9991916 Feb 2018
131Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting called for Procurement of Motorized Tri Cycles by Directorate of Specially Abled PersonsNotification2099816 Feb 2018
132Seniority list of Hostel SuperitendentNotification9749502 Feb 2018
133Minutes of MeetingNotification478422 Jan 2018
134Hiring of LDC and 4th class on Contract BasisNotification653411 Jan 2018
135The eligibility of eligible persons /NGOs /Social workers /Free services from child protection experts or Invitation to join the Department as a volunteerNotification4037709 Jan 2018
136Regarding the services of retired officers / employees on contractual basis by Jaipur Rural District OfficeNotification886827 Dec 2017
137Apply for scholarship General Cast on Economic Backward ClassesNotification18 Dec 2017
139Instructions for verification of documents of temporary selected candidates absent at the post of Hostel Superintendent Grade 2Notification9284414 Dec 2017
140Constitution of Committee for Inspection of to be Purchased Complete BicyclesNotification8467907 Dec 2017
141Details of selected students under the Chief Minister's Free Coaching Scheme in Jaipur and Kota cities.Notification28 Nov 2017
142Amendment to the serial no. 87 of the Other Backward ClassesNotification7291517 Nov 2017
143Work order OF Chief minister free coaching schemeNotification7679315 Nov 2017
144In the order of the Divyangjan Right to Act, 2016, the State Government draft draft prepared in HindiNotification15 Nov 2017
145Revised Income Declaration format for PMS applications year 2017-18Notification10 Nov 2017
146Examination and verification of eligibility of selected candidates of hostel Superior Category IINotification8869930 Oct 2017
147Press Note regarding calling of suggestion over Draft of Rajasthan Rights of PWD Act, 2017Notification1363924 Oct 2017
148District wise list of Hostels for Supply of BicyclesNotification940923 Oct 2017
149Acceptance of Negotiation Rates for Supply of Complete BicycleNotification6499611 Oct 2017
150Financial Bids are called for CM Free Coaching to StudentsNotification64495-9609 Oct 2017
151Walk in Interview for Residential Schools on 11 and 12 October, 2017Notification922505 Oct 2017
152Last Date for SAP Award has Been ExtendedNotification11360-9203 Oct 2017
153Letter regarding calling Negotiation for Procurement of Bicycles on dated 27.9.2017Notification20745-4626 Sep 2017
154Rejection letter regarding granting of extension for joining duty as newly recruited Social Security officer or other officerNotification4953531 Aug 2017
155Notification Regarding inclusion in OBC list of Jat (Dholpur & Bharatpur Dist.)Notification4882523 Aug 2017
156Draft Model State Rules under RPwD Act, 2016Notification700614 Aug 2017
157List of selected personnel on the basis of the applications received for deputation in residential school and interview conducted on 06-06-2017 and 07-06-2017 (initial)Notification872103 Aug 2017
158List of selected personnel in the interview held on 12-07-2017 and 13-07-2017 in Residential School (Initial)Notification873503 Aug 2017
159 List of selected personnel (secondary) on the basis of the applications received for deputation in residential school and interview conducted on 06-06-2017 and 07-06-2017.Notification871403 Aug 2017
160List of selected personnel in the interview held on 12-07-2017 and 13-07-2017 in Residential School (Secondary)Notification872103 Aug 2017
161List of persons invited for interview on 12 and 13 July for Residential SchoolsNotification07 Jul 2017
162Amendment to Walk In Interview for Residential Schools - Interviews now on 12th and 13th July, 2017Notification847330 Jun 2017
163Modified Tender for hiring services called by Residential School, Mandore JodhpurNotification59228 Jun 2017
164Walk in Interview Schedule for Residential Schools dated 6-7 July, 2017Notification826913 Jun 2017
165Instruction of Sanctioning OBC category applications received for year 2016-17Notification33841-7609 Jun 2017
166List of personnel participating in the interviewers conducting residential schools on 6th and 7th JuneNotification02 Jun 2017
167Invite applications for selection of vacant posts of juvenile justice board in Sawai Madhopur and Badamer districtsNotification938631 May 2017
168RFP for CoachingNotification26 May 2017
169Interview on 6th and 7th June, 2017 to fill vacancies in the residential schools with deputationNotification812923 May 2017
170Notification for inclusion of castes in special Backward Classes in Other Backward ClassesNotification2650819 May 2017
171Regarding Vigyapti Hostel AdmissionNotification2581215 May 2017
172Regarding amended tender notificationNotification2581415 May 2017
173Provisional Seniority List of P.O. as on 1.4.2017Notification7336805 May 2017
174Provisional Seniority List of DPSWO as on 1.4.2017Notification7367505 May 2017
175Hiring Photocopy ServicesNotification2080601 May 2017
176seniority list of Ministerial Staff 2017Notification7315426 Apr 2017
177Mukhmantri free coaching scheme - Application formatNotification21 Apr 2017
178Seniority list of officers 2017Notification7204519 Apr 2017
179C.M AnnouncementNotification06 Apr 2017
180Chief Minister Free Coaching Scheme - 2016Notification14 Mar 2017
181Ambedkar Purskar VigyaptiNotification6913615 Feb 2017
182Expression of Interest called by SAP Directorate from NGOs for running Special SchoolsNotification25 Jan 2017
183Order Issued by Education Department for Posting at various Residential SchoolsNotification681810 Jan 2017
184Applications are called for SAMAJ SEVI and Agencies working for Social WorkNotification6661209 Jan 2017
185Nomination applications called for members of Kishore Nyay BoardNotification4987803 Jan 2017
186Applications are invited for the post of Clark Grade - I and Clark Grade - II on deputation or Retired EmployeesNotification32320 Dec 2016
187New paperless Online Portal for PMS for year 2016-17 has been launched by Hon'ble Minister, SJED Dr. Arun Chaturvedi on 1.12.2016, presently Universities, Boards, Councils etc. can register themselfNotification01 Dec 2016
188Applications are invited for Post of Project Manager by SC-ST Corp on DeputationNotification1072525 Nov 2016
189Notice regarding Non Compliance of Transfer OrderNotification64189-9621 Nov 2016
19026th November to be celebrated as Second Constitution Day on the occasion of 125th anniversary of Dr.B.R.AmbedkarNotification636521 Nov 2016
191Applications are invited for Nomination of Members for CWCNotification4368618 Nov 2016
192Shri Govardhan Raeika, Officer-in-Charge, Rajasthan State Animal Husbandry Welfare Board NominatedNotification7053017 Nov 2016
193Guideline for CWC vacancyNotification4292115 Nov 2016
194Letter regarding issuance of Caste certificate of Mina and Meena and Withdrawal of letter dated 30.9.2014 and 23.12.2014Notification68999-6903211 Nov 2016
195Revised Income Expenditure 2016-17 for creation of Budget proposalNotification181202318 Oct 2016
196TRANSFER LIST FOR OFFICERNotification6180111 Oct 2016
197Nominations are Invited for Awards regarding Working for Specially Abled PersonsNotification27 Sep 2016
198Seniority List of Class IV and ChowkidarNotification5932621 Sep 2016
199Walk in Interview for vacant posts at RREISNotification572606 Sep 2016
200Hostal Suprintendent II Seniority ListNotification5748312 Aug 2016
201Transfer / Postion order for various Posts dated 9.8.2016Notification5671310 Aug 2016
202Tender information of Persecution Balika Home Registration Service of Agencies / Self Help Group Notification202101 Aug 2016
203Tender information of Samprashan Grah Registration Service of Agencies / Self Help GroupNotification87201 Aug 2016
204Tender information of Nari Niketan Registration Service of Agencies / Self Help Group Notification87201 Aug 2016
205Seniority list of Departmental Officers issued on 20.07.2016Notification5531020 Jul 2016
206List of Selected candidates for RREIS School recruitmentNotification502812 Jul 2016
207WALK-IN-INTERVIEW for Deputation at Various Homes run by Child Rights DirectorateNotification1825108 Jul 2016
208Annual report, 2015Notification23 Jun 2016
209Meeting InformationNotification7824-4820 Jun 2016
210Seniority List of Care TakerNotification5171906 Jun 2016
211Hostel and Residential Schools Admission Process for year 2016-17 StartedNotification27 May 2016
212Seniority List Clerk Grade 2Notification5050525 May 2016
213Seniority listNotification4940316 May 2016
214School wise and Subject wise Vacancies at Residential SchoolsNotification11 May 2016
215Auction Schedule of Various Items at Residential SchoolsNotification447109 May 2016
216Schedule of Interview for Residential SchoolsNotification449809 May 2016
217Letter regarding Taking services of Cook and Chowkidar on Job Basis during year 2016-17 for HostelsNotification28700-3406 May 2016
218Tender Information AjmerNotification05 May 2016
219Seniority ListNotification4831103 May 2016
220Seniority List of Clark Grade-I as on 1.4.2016Notification4611012 Apr 2016
221Seniority List of MinisterialStaff as on 1.4.2016Notification4555112 Apr 2016
222Seniority List of StateService Officers as on 1.4.2016Notification4525112 Apr 2016
223Seniority List of Subordinate Services as on 1.4.2016Notification4546212 Apr 2016
224Information regarding Actual Exp. and No. of Beneficiaries during 2015-16 for PMS SchemesNotification2569-285907 Apr 2016
225Powers of State OBC Commission AuthoritiesNotification4245405 Apr 2016
226Constitution of SC CommissionNotification04 Apr 2016
227Nomination of Chairman of State SC CommissionNotification04 Apr 2016
228Reconstitution of EBC CommissionNotification415304 Apr 2016
229Auction notice of hostel items by Barmer districtNotification448816 Mar 2016
230Regarding the Verification of Caste Certificate of Scheduled Castes, Tribes and Other Backward ClassesNotification36011/1/201214 Mar 2016
231Draft Charge sheet sent to Director Education for teachers who have not joints at Residential SchoolsNotification368702 Mar 2016
232Draft Charge sheet sent to Director Education for teachers who have not joints at Residential Schools 1Notification368802 Mar 2016
233Calling Nomination for Various Ambedkar Awards to be distributed on 14.4.2016Notification4259226 Feb 2016
234Call of Nomination for Award to NGOs and Social WorkersNotification7470725 Dec 2015
235Rajasthan Old Age SchemeNotification15 Dec 2015
236Invitation of Proposals for Disability AwardNotification866001 Oct 2015
237Press Note regarding Hostel and Residential School Admission Online ProcessNotification3366501 Jun 2015
238Meeting regarding Rehabilitation of scavengers has post-pondedNotification102701 Jun 2015
239List of Doners for Marriages held at Mahila Sadan on 28 May, 2015Notification29 May 2015
240Residential School Wise Vacant Posts of Teaching StaffNotification26 May 2015
241Meeting Notice - Meeting of State Level Starring Committee regarding Scavengers - Dated 2.6.2015 11.00 AMNotification1064812 May 2015
242Nominations for Ambedkar Awards are InvitedNotification223825 Feb 2015
243Streamlining and Fast tracking release of Various Scholarship ApplicationsNotification606904 Feb 2015
244Press Note regarding launching of Anuprati SchemeNotification24 Dec 2014
245Mina/meena caste certificate clarificationNotification6629323 Dec 2014
246Filling of various posts through DeputationNotification953522 Dec 2014
247Auction Notice for unused Gazettes Notification6281908 Dec 2014
248Letter for disposal of pending scholarships (Out of State)Notification59466-9918 Nov 2014
249Revised auction notice for unused gazetteNotification5863413 Nov 2014
250Notification for ScavengeresNotification670805 Nov 2014
251Auction Notice for Un-serviceable itemsNotification5733631 Oct 2014
252Guidelines for State Level Award for Specially Abled PersonsNotification17 Oct 2014
253List of Awardees on International Old Person Day - 2014Notification01 Oct 2014
254Notification for Hiring services of Retired Employees as Hostel Supdt.Notification1327312 Sep 2014
255Rajeev Gandhi National Fellowship scheme for OBCNotification4904912 Sep 2014
256Jaipur Urban - Objection List for SBC Category Students year 2013-14Notification14 Aug 2014
257Jaipur Urban - Objection List for ST Category Students year 2013-14Notification14 Aug 2014
258Appointment of Retired Teaching and Non Teaching Staff in Residential SchoolsNotification05 Aug 2014
259Budget allotment for PMS for ST category to DLOsNotification40417-4704 Aug 2014
261Widow Marriage & Uphar SchemeNotification2280526 Apr 2007
262Explanation Regarding the Caste of Rajput, Payak, RamgarhiaNotification11(25)(06)/30503 Jan 2000
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